Stephanie Fazio


Opal Contagion Series

A talented thief and a brutal assassin are all who stand between their people and complete annihilation.  

Liss is a Soul Sorter who can sense any emotion a person is feeling. Rhett is the assassin sent to hunt her for stealing his empire’s secrets.

If either succeeds in their task, the other will die. Failure isn’t an option.

The Fount Series

18-year-old Addy has spent her entire life in the middle-of-nowhere upstate New York, where the most exciting activity is watching corn grow…that is, until a thief’s appearance awakens insane fighting abilities she didn’t know she had. 

Tol is the prince of a dying race that has the power to control people’s thoughts and actions with a glance.

Together, they hold the key to returning his people’s immortality and repairing a broken world.

Bisecter Series

Hemera is the only one of her kind. A freak accident gave her the unmatched strength and speed of the sub-human creatures, known as Halves. But the Halves are murderers…monsters…and her people fear who—and what—she is. 

Join Hemera, in a world where the never-setting sun is deadly, and the Halves are the least of her problems. An enemy more dangerous than any she’s ever encountered is searching for her. And the only way to defeat him is to become what everyone fears.

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