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The strongest of them all. Eyes blacker than the darkness they all fantasize about, but have never seen. An abomination.

Hemera Harkibel has spent her life concealing abilities she doesn’t fully understand. She is hated and feared because of her black eyes and inhuman strength—mutations she bears from a near-death encounter with the grotesque creatures known as Halves.

When her people’s underground cave system is attacked, Hemera is thrust above ground into a dangerous world where the sun’s rays can kill in seconds and enemies are tracking her every move.

The farther she travels, the more she discovers about her powers. Hemera comes to learn that her very existence is a threat in the war brewing between humans and Halves.

Should she disappear into the shadows to protect the people she cares about most, or embrace the strength she has spent a lifetime suppressing? Her choices will threaten the survival of the world as she knows it.

This action-filled novel is perfect for fans of Red Queen, Throne of Glass, and The Mortal Instruments. If you love fantasy, don’t miss this story about wonder and adventure, love and sacrifice, heroes and monsters, and the blurred spaces in between.

Available now in paperback, ebook, and audiobook formats!

Halve Human Cover

Halve Human

Set in a dangerous and extraordinary fantasy world where the sun never sets, Stephanie Fazio’s BISECTER told the story of Hemera, a Bisecter who is part human and part Halve, who left her people’s caves to save her friends and sparked a war.

Now, in HALVE HUMAN, Hemera must contend with a new enemy…one that was created from her own blood.

Meanwhile, she must mount a resistance against the tyrannical Duskers, who have uncovered the location of the Solguard fortress and plan to annihilate all of the rebels. Impossible circumstances force Hemera to form unexpected alliances and make heartbreaking choices that will risk everything and everyone she’s come to care for.

Hemera moves deeper into the world of Duskers and Solguards, Halves and Zeroes….all while confronting a new danger…one over which she has total power and, at the same time, no control.

Dusker Dark Cover

Dusker Dark

“You will save us all.” These are the words that have dogged Hemera’s steps and haunted her every waking moment.

The war between Duskers and all who oppose them looms nearer. Hemera has convinced the other Banished leaders to fight alongside her army of Zeroes, but only time will tell whether she has paid too high a price for the only army that could challenge the Duskers.

The tentative rebel alliance is strained by alarming signs that the weapon the Duskers have been developing—the one that could destroy them all—is nearly ready. Their only chance for victory is to attack the Duskers first. The Banished want Hemera’s assurance their people will be safe. But how can she protect them in a plan so perilous no one has ever dared to consider it before? If she can’t mend the growing discord within her army before the Duskers’ weapon is ready, the only opportunity for survival will slip away.

This continuation of the BISECTER series is filled with gripping action, heart-wrenching conflict, and enduring love.

Captain Harkibel Book Cover

Captain Harkibel

In this enthralling final installment of the BISECTER series, Hemera and her friends must learn to survive in a world that has only ever existed in prayers and nightmares: a world of darkness. Surviving each day when the all-powerful Duskers are hunting them is a miracle in itself. But Hemera has other problems to worry about.

Hemera must confront the abominations she helped to create before they kill everyone she cares about. But how does one destroy a part of oneself?

Desperate to save her friends, her family, and her world from the spreading darkness, Hemera must lay waste to the only things that make her whole.

Lies and betrayal. Love won and lost. As the final battle is waged, Hemera must decide how much she can stand to sacrifice for the future of their world in this deeply satisfying final chapter of the BISECTER series.

Bisecter Box Set Cover

The 4-eBook Bisecter Box Set

Enjoy the complete 4-book Bisecter series! This action-filled collection is perfect for fans of Leigh Bardugo, Sarah J. Maas, and Cassandra Clare. If you love fantasy, don’t miss this story about wonder and adventure, love and sacrifice, heroes and monsters, and the blurred spaces in between.

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