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Mags & Nats Series

The Nat Makes 7 Cover

The Nat Makes 7

Golden boy Graysen Galder has it all figured out. He’s the soon-to-be valedictorian of the first combined class of Magics and Naturals at the Boston School of Magic. No one would ever guess that, beneath the charming veneer of the school’s top Natural student, there are dark secrets. Like execution-worthy crimes.

But all those crimes are in the past where they belong. That is, until Graysen is framed for a brutal murder.

With his future in shambles and the past nipping at his heels, Graysen has no choice but to go on the run. And the only one willing to help him is a ghost from his past—a powerful Illusionist and the woman he loved, up until she destroyed his family.

Murders are stacking up in a city praised for peace between Naturals and Magics, and the only person who seems to care about finding the truth is Graysen. Of course, being the city’s public enemy number one doesn’t make investigating any easier.

Graysen and his ex-girlfriend’s band of rogue Magics are the only ones who stand in the way of a serial murderer…if they aren’t killed first.

Mag Subject 6 Cover

Mag Subject 6

Kaira Hansley can illusion herself into anyone she chooses. Bodyguard who means business? Sure. Cute little kid with pigtails? Absolutely. The Alliance Director himself? No sweat.

The only face she doesn’t want to wear into public is her own.

After three years of living off the grid, she’s now the most famous Magic in Boston. And her boyfriend is the most famous Natural. Exposing themselves has put Kaira and Graysen right in the path of a cold-blooded killer.

Murders are sweeping the city, where distrust between Magics and Naturals has reached a boiling point. As Kaira, Graysen, and the rest of the Seven set out to solve the case, they quickly realize more than just their own lives are at stake.

If they fail, all Magics will lose the one thing Kaira has spent her life fighting for: their freedom.

Steel for 5 Cover

Steel for 5

No one ever expects the sweet blonde to be the strongest one in the room…at least, not until they’re lying on the ground and wondering how they got there.

Guardian, part-time bouncer, and the Seven’s muscle…Bri has never been afraid to get her hands dirty when it comes to helping those in need.

Now, her mission is to find the hundreds of Magics who disappeared without a trace. When Bri finally uncovers the secret, it’s no longer just random families she’s trying to help. It’s her own.

And she’s desperate to get to the truth.

But the deeper she digs, the more disturbing the mystery grows. If she doesn’t get to the bottom of it, and soon, she’ll lose her only chance of saving the ones who need her most.

Mags & Nats Box Set Cover

The Mags & Nats 3-Book Box Set

Enjoy the 3-book Mags & Nats series! This urban fantasy is full of murder, mystery, and magic. Perfect for fans of Ilona Andrews, Jim Butcher, Holly Black, and Cassandra Clare.

Murders and conspiracies abound in a city that was once praised for peace between Naturals and Magics. Now, Graysen Galder and his ex-girlfriend’s band of rogue Magics are the only ones who can save Boston…if they aren’t killed first.

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