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Opal Contagion Series

Opal Smoke Book Cover

Opal Smoke

A thief is the only one who stands between her people and complete annihilation.

Liss is a Soul Sorter who can sense any emotion a person is feeling. She uses this talent to steal jewels and dragonhide wallets to help provide for her people, the Extended. A side benefit of her thieving is that she gets to empty the pockets of the wealthy Lagonians, who shun the Extended for the deadly disease that runs in their veins.

When the Lagonians announce that they’ve developed a source of immunity, they are no longer content to just ostracize the Extended. The Lagonians plan to eradicate them.

The only way for Liss to save her people is if she can pull off her biggest heist yet and steal the secret to the immunity.

What is already a perilous mission is further complicated when Lagonia’s infamous Chief Assassin is tasked with taking Liss out. Entangled in his own web of deception, risk, and a fight to survive, the assassin cannot fail. One truth becomes clear. If either hopes to succeed, the other must die.

Opal Slayer Book Cover

Opal Slayer

The Viper. Caravan Butcher. Opal Slayer.

Rhett Loniger was Lagonia’s chief assassin, tasked with protecting his empire by killing anyone deemed a threat…that is, until he committed a crime worthy of his own execution by falling in love with the enemy. Now, he’s being hunted. But he and Liss can’t evade their enemies when they’re surrounded on all sides.

The cruel emperor of Lagonia is closing in on them, and he isn’t just intent on destroying Rhett. Emperor Jaikon won’t be satisfied until he has dominated all of the kingdoms. With a powerful magical force on Jaikon’s side, Rhett is the only one willing to challenge him.

But how does one defeat an invincible foe?

In this breathtaking sequel to Opal Smoke, time is running out before Rhett is torn away from Liss. Only one thing is certain in this deadly game he’s playing. If Rhett wants answers, he’ll have to kill to get them.

Opal Storm Book Cover

Opal Storm

With the source of immunity destroyed, the dreaded opal contagion is ravishing the empires.

The most powerful and bloodthirsty warlock in all of Insorsil has taken the throne. His hunger for dominion is rivaled only by the Lagonian emperor’s lust for violence.

The only source of hope lies with a thieving Soul Sorter, a broken former-assassin, and their motley crew of outlaws.

From hidden alleys in magical Insorsil, to an ice-covered land inhabited by giants, Rhett and Liss must battle for their own survival as they try to organize a revolution. But if they don’t find a cure for the opal contagion, the war will be lost before it even begins.

As tensions mount, Liss and Rhett will be forced to make choices that could destroy the very people they’re trying to save.

Opal Contagion Box Set

Opal Contagion Box Set

The dreaded Opal Contagion has ravished whole empires for generations. The opal-skinned survivors are gifted—or cursed, depending on one’s point of view—with extraordinary talents. But their blood is deadly to any uninfected.

Now, for the first time, there’s a magical immunity that has shifted the balance of power. The uninfected have one goal: to hunt the survivors down.

Liss is a Soul Sorter, which allows her to sense any emotion a person is feeling. She’s an infamous thief, known throughout the realms as Opal Smoke.

Rhett is the assassin sent to hunt her for stealing his empire’s secrets.

When their paths cross, deception and danger are inevitable. The one threat neither of them is prepared for is the one that will challenge their loyalties, lives…and perhaps most terrifying of all…their hearts.

This complete set contains all three books in the Opal Contagion series. More than 1,500 pages of fantasy, romance, magic, and nonstop action. For a limited time, enjoy this discounted bundle that is perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas, Elizabeth Hunter, and Laini Taylor.

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