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The Fount Series

The Prince's Chosen Book Cover

The Prince’s Chosen

Addy is a farmer in upstate New York. Tol is the prince of a dying magical race. Both are trapped in lives they didn’t choose.

18-year-old Addy has spent her entire life in a small town, where the most exciting activity is watching corn grow. That is, until seven-foot warriors crash through her front door. They kidnap her sister and then try to kill her.

As she faces their swords with nothing but her fists, she’s saved by a man who obliterates her enemies without laying a finger on them. His name is Tol, and he claims to be a magical, mind-controlling prince.

Tol has spent his life searching for the human girl with the power to save his ruined world. Now, he’s finally found her. But Addy can’t afford to risk her life for a world she never knew existed. She is consumed by one thought…rescuing her sister.

There is only one chance for them to get what they desperately need. For it to work, Tol and Addy must sacrifice the one thing they are both fighting to keep: their freedom.

The Foresaken's Choice Book Cover

The Foresaken’s Choice

Enter the world of the Chosen and Forsaken…mind-control and magically-enhanced weapons…with Book Two of The Fount series.

Now, in THE FORSAKEN’S CHOICE, Addy and Tol are in a race against forces that seek to tear them apart.

They’re determined to travel from Texas to Vitaquias—the world that was laid to waste—to find the only person who might be able to help them.

With the Chosen people’s life-giving Source almost gone and the cruel Forsaken general closing in, Addy and Tol are running out of time. If they fail, they won’t be the only ones to bear the cost. Addy’s sister Olivia will be doomed to an eternity of misery.

Inextricably bound to the fates of her sister’s magical friends, Olivia must embrace a power she doesn’t want. She’s determined to help give Addy and Tol the future they deserve, even if her own life is the price she must pay.

The Chosen Union Book Cover

The Chosen Union

What price is too great to save a life?

By offering up his life for another, Tol doomed his entire race.

Through an incredible feat of power and a magic only she can access, Olivia spared a friend and condemned herself.

As Addy watched her happiness and love bleed out on a sandy shore, her dreams turned to dust.

The cruel Supernal’s quest for power has brought both the mortal and immortal worlds to the edge of annihilation. The only way to challenge him will be through strange alliances, daring risks, and heartbreaking sacrifices. But with war on the horizon, are any of them strong enough to accept destinies they’ll do anything to avoid?

The Fount series continues with the thrilling and heart-wrenching THE CHOSEN UNION. Mortals and immortals, Chosen and Forsaken, will battle for the right to learn, love, and live in two worlds that would seek to drive them out.

The Found Series Box Set Cover

The Fount Series Box Set

Enjoy the complete 3-book The Fount series! This paranormal romance is full of action, magic, and forbidden love. Perfect for fans of Nalini Singh, Sarah J. Maas, and Ilona Andrews.

Enter the world of mind-control and magically-enhanced weapons, where mortals and immortals will battle for the right to learn, love, and live in two worlds that would seek to drive them out.

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